The cases are made from ASTM  A536 65-45-12 nodular ductile iron here in the U.S.A..

The cases have chrome moly caps.

The 3.250 (carrier bearing O.D.)
                                               IN STOCK
(For 35 and 40 spline axles)

The 2.891 (carrier bearing O.D.)                                              
 IN STOCK           
(For 28 and 31 spline axles)

We are using 170,000 psi. minimum tensile strength aircraft quality main cap bolts. Standard
grade 8 bolts are 150,000 psi. minimum tensile strength.

It utilizes the
thrustblock anti ring gear deflection device.

With the
thrustblock, extra case ribbing isn't as critical because the case doesn't flex like a non
thrust block case; do to the fact that the ring gear side load is controlled at the point where it
occurs instead of 3 inches away at the bearing.

Stock 9" Ford gears will
NOT work with these cases
The above picture shows a comparison between a standard case and ours.

The 3 pictures below show a reduced diameter ARB and Detroit Locker to
allow for the thrustblock. The heavy duty full spools are this size already.