The Mega Hi9 is meant for the person that needs more than
what a stock sized & materialed 9" can handle.

For now we are doing one ratio, it will have a tooth count of
5-27 for a ratio of 5.40.

We choose that ratio since most all out comp guys are
currently running 5.38's and this will replace those if they
need something stronger. It will work nicely with the 5.38 or
the normal low pinion 9" ratio of 5.43. The 5.40 tooth count
gives a strength advantage over the 5.38 and 5.43 tooth

Added details of the Mega Hi9

1.    5.40 Ratio  (better ratio strengthwise than 5.38 or 5.43)
2.    35 spline pinion  (even less deflection of the pinion head)
3.    9310 material   (15% stronger than standard 8620 material)
4.    Large radius where the pinion head meets the stem
5.    Longer third pinion bearing
6.    Hardened to street use specs
7.    Comes with 1350 forged yoke included
8.    Comes with solid spacer included
9.    Comes with dual load bolts included
10.  Comp use only
(can be daily driven but must run inner axle seals)
The MegaHi9s always get filled to the higher oil fill plug level on the case.


MEGAHI9 Parts kit, includes case with caps,
adjusters, and keepers; gears, wide 3rd
bearing, and 2 load bolts.

   $ 2050.00

Complete MegaHi9 3rd prices

$ 2759.00   35 spline spool
$ 2859.00   40 spline spool
$ 3099.00   35 spline Grizzley
(Functions like Detroit but stronger)
$ 3259.00   35 spline Detroit Locker
$ 3559.00   35 spline ARB
$ 4399.00   35 spline competition ARB
$ 799.00     Replacement MEGAHI9 gears
$ 450.00     Mega Hi9 Rear Racing Pinion Support

We can convert your standard Hi9 to a Mega Hi9 for
Mega Hi9 5.40 above & below      Standard Hi9 5.38 above & below
Mega Hi9 Rear Racing Pinion Support

With the addition of racing with Mega Hi9s has come a need for a custom
pinion support instead of the "off the shelf" units that had worked
successfully in rock crawling.

We now have a better pinion support with a bigger front bearing and a snap
ring for pinion seal retention.

The dimensions and oiling system are custom made for the Mega Hi9.

All Mega Hi9s will now come with these pinion supports as standard

You can purchase a racing pinion support parts kit to convert your Mega
Hi9, the kit comes with the pinion support, both pinion bearings, pinion seal,
pinion seal retaining plate, snap ring, o-ring, and solid spacer.
               IN STOCK   
             IN STOCK