1350 Forged Yoke Option
1.063 x 3.218 outside    1.125 x 3.622 outside       1.188 x 3.622 outside     1.188 x 3.622 outside
          choose between the 1st three or add $60.00 for the forged 1350 yoke
The pinion support is a new "DAYTONA" style with an extra large pinion head bearing for support.

It has dual oiling ports instead of the standard single inlet port found on stock supports.

It also has the oil return location rotated slightly higher so the oil stays at the front bearing longer and
to avoid a dry start
There is an oil scraper/cup attached to it so oil is scraped off the ring gear and delivered directly to the
pinion bearings.

In front applications the oil scraper/cup will not be there as it would block oil flow.
U-Joint dimensions
In this picture you can see both oil inlet ports
A Toyota driveshaft flange style yoke is also available from Trail Gear.

Trail Gear Toyota Flange Yoke

              You would need to get it from them and send it to us.
Update !!!    We now have available a 1410 billet
yoke ( 1.188 cap diameter X 4.188 O.A.L.) for
an additional $100.00 for both standard AND